Plastermate Levels are an ingenious new method for creating perfect Quoin Stones, Ashlar Cuts and decorative rendered finishes.

Made form the highest quality Aluminium, these levels come with a 2 year warranty and include a Bubble Level and adjustable width for the perfect cuts and finishes every time.

  • Plastermate enables you to create perfect Quoin stones in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional methods. 1 x PMQS – Quoin Stone Plastermate
  • Plastermate levels for creating Ashlar cuts including 30mm Flat Trowel (sand & cement). The Level is guaranteed to help produce a perfect Quoin Stone or Ashlar Finish every time. Each Level is adjustable from 7mm to 46mm cutting width, with numbered markings for consistent cuts. You can create perfect Quoin Stones in a fraction of the time. This not only saves labour costs, but also creating a professional, super-standard finish. Our levels are Manufactured from high grade Aluminium with quality joints and spirit. Each Level has a bubble for ensuring an accurate level each and every time. All of our Levels come with a 2 year Warranty as standard.


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